Q: How do I load the hay?

Remove two of the four feed plate retaining buckles by moving the buckle and washer to the end of the strap and rotate them vertically. Push them upward through the slot in the feed plate. Lift the plate up and fill the feeder with hay. Push the buckle and washer together and feed through the slot for each strap. It's not complicated! Just watch our video to see how fast and easy it is to load the feeder.

Q: How much hay does the HelixFeeder hold?

The feeder can easily hold 50 pounds of hay. It works just a well with lesser amounts of hay and hay of any type. 


Q: Should I attach my HelixFeeder to a wall or post?

We recommend that you don't attach the feeder to anything. This allows the helical coils to work properly and gets the horse's mind working as they eat.  Securing the feeder to a wall or post while feeding on the ground is not covered under our warranty.  That said, if you really need to secure the feeder you can by using a soft bungy cord..

Q: How do I clean the HelixFeeder?

Release two of the four buckles and hang the feeder upside down by the two bottom loops. Using a hose, spray down the outside and inside of the feeder. If the feeder becomes caked with mud, it's time to clean it so it has the flexibility to work at its best.

Q: Can I soak hay in a HelixFeeder?

Yes. You can soak your hay directly inside of the feeder. Just submerge the hay filled feeder in tub with enough water to cover the hay inside the feeder. Drain the tub or simply lift the feeder out of the tub. The feeder will drain completely while the horse eats so just use feeder as you normally would.

Q: Is the HelixFeeder safe to use in any situation? 

Yes. Any horse using the feeder must have hooves that are at least one inch larger in width than the diameter of the openings in the feeder plate. 

Q: Can I use the feeder hanging on a wall?

Yes. The HelixFeeder can be hung on its side by looping a length of soft bungy cord through the top and bottom straps that are located on the side of the feeder. Tie the bungy cord off at head height. This will allow the horse to eat from the feeder while allowing the helical coils to compress as the horse empties the feeder.  

Q: If my country is not on your website when I try to ship to it, what should I do?

Please contact us and we will find a way to get a feeder shipped to you.  

Q: What is the product warranty?

The HelixFeeder and feed plates are covered by a 90 day warranty from date of delivery to be free from manufacturing and material defects.  Any defects during this time will be repaired or the product part(s) replaced free of charge.

Q: Satisfaction Guarantee and Returns?

New and Unused Products:

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your HelixFeeder we will gladly accept your return in an unused condition if you contact us within 14 days of delivery.  You must call or email us prior to returning your product(s).

Your refund will be the total of the original order less the shipping costs.  As a courtesy to our customers we can provide a discounted return shipping rate.  We ask that you use the original packaging to return your order.

The refunded return amount will be provided to the original method of payment used to place your order once we receive the returned product(s).  

Used Products:

If you have used the HelixFeeder following the supplied instructions and are not satisfied and wish to return it please call or email us within 14 days of delivery.  We will ask for pictures and information prior to authorizing the return.   All returns are subject to inspection and all product(s) must arrive clean and dry in order for your return to be processed. 

Refunds will only be granted for products that show normal wear and tear and are in a saleable or usable condition.  We reserve the right to determine if returned items are in a saleable or usable condition.

The customer is responsible for the initial and return shipping costs for used feeders.  The refund will be the total of the original order less the initial and return shipping costs.   As a courtesy to you we can provide you preferred a discounted return shipping rate.  

Products showing significant damage or wear cannot be returned and the refund will be denied.  

A copy of your purchase receipt must accompany the return. The refunded return amount will be provided to the original method of payment used to place your order once we receive the returned product(s).  

Manufacturing defects and our product warranty are excluded from these conditions.