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The HelixFeeder

The ONLY Adjustable & Collapsible Slow-Feeder For Horses

Gen II Helixfeeder - new super strong material and straight up design


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Slow Feeder for Horses Collapsible Adjustable Ponies Hay Feed

Suits Any Size of Horse

From ponies to large horses

Slow Feeder for Horses That is Collapsible and Adjustable Ponies Hay Feed

Expands to hold up to 40 Pounds of Hay

Collapses for easy storage and transportation

Extremely Durable

With teeth friendly crack-proof feed plates

Helix Plate Adjustable Slow Feeder for Horses

Adjustable One-Size Fits-All Feed Plate

Find the slow-feeder sweet spot for your specific horse in minutes.

Why slow-feeding?

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5 Problems That Can Arise With Horse Slow-Feeders

1. Doesn’t Slow Your Horse's Eating - either the slow-feeder’s holes are too big, or too small. Both can be a source of frustration for you and your horse.

2. Unnatural Feeding Position - some slow-feeders have to be secured above your horse for safety, which makes them raise their head to eat. When used consistently, this can result in back and neck pain and increased muscle in the wrong places. Many are not safe for shod horses. Other types make horses place their head inside a container that can obscure their vision and force them to breath hay dust.

3. Low Capacity - most mainstream slow-feeders only hold 10 to 20 pounds of hay. From an average bale, that translates to roughly 2-4 flakes. Or the larger ones are much bigger than than the amount of hay they hold and are a pain to move.

4. Hay Waste - your horse likes to roughly shake their feeder, which sends hay flying everywhere but where you want it. This is a waste of both the hay and your money.

5. Horses Can Chew Through It - your horse likes to chew on anything and everything, even their slow-feeder. And guess what? They completely destroyed why you bought it.

5 Solutions with the HelixFeeder

1. Adjustability Ensures It Will Slow Your Horse - our Multiplate in the HelixFeeder can be set to 5 different hole sizes. It’s incredibly easy to adjust yourself. Find the sweet spot for your specific horse in minutes. Adjust it later if you switch hay types or set it and forget it. No need to buy another size of feeder!

2. Natural Feeding Position - the HelixFeeder collapses as a horse eats, their head lowered, in a natural grazing position, with full visibility of their surroundings and no breathing that hay dust. It is absolutely safe for shod horses for ground feeding.

3. Tons Of Capacity - the HelixFeeder upto 40 pounds (depending on the compactness) of hay. Don’t be afraid to stuff the HelixFeeder as full as you can - no matter how stuffed it is, it will work. The HelixFeeder will only be as tall as the hay you put in it so it suits any horse size. It's very space efficient, easy to handle, and extremely portable for shows or horse camping.

4. Zero Hay Waste- when the Multiplate is secured in the feeder it's the ONLY way by which your horse can get at their hay. It’s impossible for your horse to toss or shake hay out of the feeder or to remove the Multiplate.

5. Can’t Be Chewed Through - our slow-feeders are very durable with chew and crack proof feed plates. If we ever see someone order multiple feed plates for a single feeder, we tell them it’s not necessary. If you don’t like seeing the plate all scratched up (which happens over time), you can flip it over because it's reversible!

Our Easy to Use Slow Feeder for Horses

MultiPlate Slow feeder for horses

The MultiPlate Feed System - One Size Fits All

Our patent-pending adjustable feed plate system takes the guesswork out of finding the slow feeding sweet spot.

Adjustable Slow Feeder for Horses