Our Story


We started making slow feeders after our first horse, Kiwi, developed laminitis over 10 years ago. At the time, the options for slow feeders with the ability to soak hay were almost non-existent or extremely expensive - and so, we went to work to try and develop a solution.

After rigorous testing and development, we created our first slow feeder, the KiwiFeeder. Through the success of the KiwiFeeder's design, we developed the HelixFeeder. The HelixFeeder has all the benefits of the KiwiFeeder but with great portability and a large hay capacity. We truly believe it is the best slow feeder for horses in the market today.

We have been making the HelixFeeder for over 6 years now and it has become our only product. It is being used with horses of all sizes, minis, donkeys, goats and in commercial horse boarding stables.

We are a Canadian business and proudly build all of our HelixFeeders in Canada using materials manufactured in Canada and the United States.

We take pride in product and our customer service, if it's not right we will make it right.