HelixFeeder Collapsible Slow Feeder for Horses - Free Shipping to USA.

HelixFeeder Collapsible Slow Feeder for Horses - Free Shipping to USA.

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  • Includes Multiplate
  • Free Shipping
  • 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No additional duties or taxes on feeders shipped to the USA.
  • Encourages head-down feeding
  • Adjustable for all horses and ponies
  • Doesn’t obscure your horse’s vision
  • Your horse can’t get stuck in it (no strings, netting, or ropes)
  • Safe for shod horses
  • Can be loaded in under 1 minute with no mess
  • Fully UV-Rated
  • Endures temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees
  • All materials are corrosion-proof
  • Doesn’t absorb liquid, mould, or rot
  • Can be cleaned with a hose or pressure washer
  • The HelixFeeder keeps your horse eating in a natural head-down feeding position because the HelixFeeder lowers by gravity as your horse eats.   With our new MultiPlate adjustable feeding system - you will always get the correct feeding rate for your horse.   
    • A horse's vision is never obscured, as in a barrel type feeder.  Horses have complete visibility of what's going on around them while eating.  There are no strings, netting, or ropes to entangle your horse; just a smooth, durable exterior that's proven SAFE for even shod horses. 


    • The feeder has a large capacity and can hold up to 50 pounds of hay, but works just as well with smaller amounts. The HelixFeeder keeps any hay type, even alfalfa fines in the feeder,  so paddocks and stalls stay clean.  No more wasted or windblown hay.  Your hay stays clean and where it belongs. 


    • It's easy to load in under a minute. Mess-free loading and no special twisting of the hay required to get the feeder to work - just drop the hay into the feeder and go.  Your horse will not get frustrated learning to eat from the feeder,  feeding is just natural from the HelixFeeder. 


    • The collapsible and easy-to-handle design, make the HelixFeeder a great option for a portable slow feeder to take with you anywhere! It's perfect for camping or trailering.  Its portability will win you over, but without a doubt, the feeder works just as well as an everyday feeder in a stall or paddock.


    • The materials used in the feeder are durable from -40 to +50 C degree temperatures and are fully UV rated. All hardware used in the HelixFeeder is corrosion proof.  The feeder will not absorb liquid, mould or rot so you can also soak hay problem-free.  The feeder is easy to clean with a hose or pressure washer. The feed plate comes in a range of hole sizes to customize it to your feeding requirements.  The feed plates are 1/2 inch thick high-density plastic. 

    For orders of 3 or more feeders, please contact us through email or by phone.  You will save on multiples to the same address.

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